Business zone "Maletići"

Economy I1: manufacturing, servicing, repository and business zone

kartaMaletići business zone is situated by the A1 Rijeka – Zagreb (i E65) highway on the southern side of "Novigrad na Dobri" junction, at the first exit after Karlovac in Rijeka direction, on the 9th kilometre from Karlovac.

The Business Zone is intersected by state road D6 which runs from the Republic of Slovenia – Metlika – Netretić - Novigrad na Dobri junction – Duga Resa.

Business Zone "Maletići" is extremely well connected transportation and traffic-wise:

  • It is located by the A1 Rijeka – Zagreb (i E65) highway on the Novigrad na Dobri junction.
  • It is located just before the A1 Rijeka – Zagreb (i E65) highway and Zagreb - Split intercross.
  • It is connected with Republic of Slovenia through the road D6 and it is only 23 kilometres away.
  • It is also one of the nearest routes towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, Maljevac border crossing in Velika Kladuša is only 50 kilometres away.
  • It is in the immediate vicinity of Karlovac, and only 56 kilometres away from Zagreb.